Tuesday, April 26, 2005


My school's website was down over the weekend so I was unable to get a study sheet my teacher posted for a midterm tomorrow. I finally got the sheet today, so this post should be short (I should study a little bit at least!).

La Barge (LB) had a great day today (up 10.47%) because they won a contract from Boeing. The size of the contract was fairly small, but it could lead to more things in the future- and investors liked the news.

This Wednesday was going to be my last day on the job, until one person moved on to a new job and one is leaning towards the same way. My work place is filled with drama, and I can't get into too many of the details but there's a chance I'll keep working for at least a month, but possibly three months. (But do I want to continue working there? I would say no, can't get into details but it's best to be happy...)

Tomorrow I'll hopefully get into more details about a few things including: buying a put, phone messages, CFA decision, and Tokyo.
Random? Yes.

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