Friday, April 22, 2005

Non-Financial Career Goals

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent emails with tips on job hunting. They were greatly appreciated!
I've applied to a few more jobs and I also have a meeting with a staffing agency next Thursday. Hopefully they will be able to help as well.

The market had a great day today! So it seems we were in a downtrend for awhile and now it looks like we're entering a choppy phase with lots of volatility. I'm still looking for some small-cap stocks to buy.

Non-Financial Career Goals
This site is mainly a personal finance blog, but I decided to make some other career goals.
  • MBA from a top tier school by the age of 30. Generally for the best MBA schools you need a few years of school experience (the average age is around 25).
  • Either have completed the Level 2 or finished the CFA program. The Chartered Financial Analyst program is one of the hardest tests for finance professionals. The test consists of three levels and it's basically one of those tests where only around 30% (or less) pass the first test. I know the first level involves studying about 13 different books (just parts though), and this should definitely be a challenge.
  • I love learning, reading, and going to school (as long as it's on a subject that interests me). So I really want to improve my math skills. Once I find a permanent job and housing, I want to enroll in math courses starting with Calculus and moving my way up. Some people find it odd to hear, but physicists are in high demand on Wall Street for their math skills and the way physics and financial instruments act/react.
  • Along with math skills, I do want to learn more programming languages. I'm interested in C++ because this is a highly valuable tool to know in the finance world.
I'm always on the look out to improve my own sets of skills. I think this is the way to get ahead in life.