Thursday, April 07, 2005

2005 Updates and I still hate DHL

So DHL is fairly sure they lost my package, and the one thing I hate about this is that three different times they said they would call me back and they didn't call back at all!
Tomorrow I'm calling the Sunnyvale manager to see if he can help and then if he can't I need to file forms to claim my loss. The other thing that bugs me is that I paid $170 for four tickets, but the value of these tickets (as determined through eBay auctions) would be close to $400!

Anyways, here's my 2005 updates on various financials.
Stocks (NTE, LB, EBF)
2005: +10.73%

2005: Total costs of $286 and total revenues of $549 for a return of 91.95%

Sports betting (NCAA's and previous betting)
2005: Started with $160 and ended with $253 for a return of 58.13%

So far things are looking pretty good, although I doubt I will bet on sports for awhile (I usually stick to NFL and NCAA's, but I might go with some NBA playoff games/series).
With eBay, I will continue to look for items to sell.
Stocks- I think I can add to my gains through reinvestment of dividends, finding more stocks, and writing calls.

Net Worth Update
  • In hand: $15
  • IRA: $55
  • WaMu: $1,000 (I will transfer some to ING soon)
  • ING: $4,500
  • Brokerage: $17, 375
Total: $22, 945

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