Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Let the frustration begin!

It was a pretty good day in the market and NTE finally rebounded a bit (+6%). Overall I was up today about $126. I don't plan to change any of my positions at the moment, and I still want to find a few more small-cap stocks to buy.

My frustration with job hunting started today. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was afraid of companies not wanting to interview with me because of the geographic problem (I'm in San Jose, the jobs I want are in Chicago/NYC). Today I woke up a bit late and checked my messages: 2 new ones.
The first was from one of the research assistant jobs in NYC. I spoke to a woman from the staffing agency and, although it was a pleasant conversation, basically said they are looking for local candidates because of the client plans to have multiple interviews.
The other message was from a prop trader, and you need to put up some of your own money and I think this is pretty risky considering I don't have any trading experience.

I emailed me cousin (I think I mentioned him, he works in NYC in currency trading and he's helping me out) for some advice, so I'll wait for his email.
I was thinking:
1. Take a risk and move to Chicago or NYC and then start looking
2. Put a "local" address on my resume, so they don't automatically throw my resume out based on my non-local address
3. Okay I had a third one, but now I can't remember it....I'll post later
any suggestions?

Some good blogs:
NCN has a nice read on a few financial myths.
Footnoted always has a good blog, I really like this site.