Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Inflation was the main story of the day as the market started off okay and then tanked. This is the time when it seems investors split into two groups: those who start to fear the downward trend and wonder (or go through with) selling; and those who don't panic but spend time looking for stocks to buy.
IBM is getting cheap, banks are getting cheap (some risk, since it's a rising interest rate environment), lots of stocks to look into around this time.

I got a few good replies about my job hunting and problem with out of state jobs. If I apply to jobs in the NYC area, my cousin said I can use his address and this might work. I also plan to let the employers know that I'm willing to pay my own travel arrangements if they think I'm a qualified candidate. Another person suggested to taking a risk and actually moving to one of the cities, and then apply for a job.

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