Sunday, April 03, 2005

eBay Sales

Two more eBay sales ended today for a nice profit.
Both of them were concert tickets for two different shows.
One had a cost of $51 and ended for $75 (+47.1%)
The other one had a cost of $85 and ended for $195.50 (+130%)
I also have a few books and other items that I might put up soon.
The eBay money is in my paypal account and I will transfer it over soon.

So far this is pretty good news because I think my end goal of $25,000 is in sight. The deadline for the goal is the end of May and my current net worth is around $23,300.
Upcoming money: possible tax refund, bonus from work, weekly work paychecks, and further eBay sales. This total should be around $2,500 and this will bring the total to almost $26,000.

I graduate in May, but I will stop working at my current job at the end of April. I'm doing this to spend more time with friends and to look for a full-time job out of this area. So the lack of a paycheck will add to my expenses. Other expenses will involve moving out expenses, clothing (I want to buy a few suits and more work clothes- shirts & ties)

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