Tuesday, April 05, 2005

DHL is starting to piss me off

Okay so overall my stocks ended up a bit (and I didn't write that NTE call because they report earnings early May and that's the month I was going to use, and I think the earnings report might send the stock up a bit- hopefully. Oh and I got lazy).

So about 1.5 weeks ago I ordered some concert tickets (Weezer). I ordered 4 tickets and my friend bought 2. Each ticket, after service fees and shipping costs, came out to about $43. I'm going to use two and sold the other two on eBay (they went for $190). Now I'm having problems with DHL getting my tickets. I paid extra for air service and they should have arrived last monday. My friend did regular mail and his arrived two days ago! So basically it came down to me paying an extra $17 and I still don't have the tickets. My friend was nice enough to let me use his two tickets for the eBay buyer, and now I'm in the process of dealing with DHL. I've talked to four people so far and one was suppose to call me today but didn't. Now someone is going to call tomorrow and tell me the situation. It seems the tickets are in Santa Clara (I'm in San Jose) so they are close- we just have to find exactly where they are!
It's frustrating, I might stick with FedEx.

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