Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Decent Day in the Market

Well it was off to a rocky start with oil going higher, but the indices ended in the positive territory.
NTE beat sales guidance so it had a nice day as well as LB.
Tomorrow should be a good day for the NTE 30 call, I just need to decide what month to use. I still need to research some more stocks so I can invest some of my extra cash. I'm going to start looking into FRX as a value play. It's looking really cheap when compared to historical standards, so I'll check that out.

In choppy, downward markets like these, it makes me want to start shorting stocks. I won't get into a detailed definition, but you basically want the stock price to go down.
There's an okay article at www.fool.com on shorts
So I should look into shorting, so far I've done it one time and it paid off.

I saw a show last night on the Travel Channel (i love this channel) on Vegas and betting and I wanted to share a few things. The experts say that if you really want to play slots, then you should stick to video poker since it will have lower volatility and you have some choice in the play. The other machines use a random generator and the outcome is already known before you pull the handle or push the button (the spinning "bars" or matching symbols are just for show since the outcome is known).
With the other games, they suggest to stick to games where you have some choice like poker or blackjack. They also mentioned a few things about a couple other games and I think I want to learn a little more about craps.

Work stuff: Drama in the work place! Basically a few people might leave, some aren't very good workers, and lots of headaches. A few more weeks for me then I'm out! The portfolio managers want me to stay and that means a lot to me, but I need to move on (plus I don't think they can afford another full-timer; it's a small company).
I've fixed up my resume with the help from some people off Craigslist (great site), and now I need to start sending the resumes out.
I've found a few sites that are basically recruiters, so I might send my resume to these sites. I also need to find out about certain trading companies (stock trading); some of them seem fishy but I'm not exactly sure.