Thursday, April 07, 2005

Plans for the weekend

A decent day in the market, and I think I basically broke even.
This weekend I will hopefully have enough time to research some stocks. I've been complining a list and there have been some bigger names I want to look into: NCC (small position), KRB, FRX, and PFE. I've been also interested in Jones Soda (JSDA.OB) because I like their products. This stock has been soaring lately, so I might wait for it too cool off. I'm also going to look for something a little more stable that pays a decent dividend. One I might look into is TAXI. I've been watching this since $9 and it has been moving up lately. I sometimes run into people who ask why I invest in companies that pay dividends since I'm young. One of the reasons is that the companies I invest in pay high (and risky) dividends such as the tankers and REIT's I've bought earlier. Another reason is because it allows me to own a stock and receive some money back. Since I don't have too much money, dividends allow me to bring in more money to save up and buy another stock. If I bought a non-div stock, I will need to rely just on capital gains but dividends allow me to own the stock and also start saving up for a new purchase. Hopefully I explained this in a clear way.

This weekend I will be spending a good amount of time looking for stocks and searching for jobs.
I need to find things in both areas!