Sunday, April 10, 2005

Jones Soda

All the talk about Jones Soda reminded me of one of my favorite ways of finding potential stocks- going to the mall!
This type of finding stocks is normally associated with Peter Lynch and his Common Sense Approach. Basically it involves keeping your eyes open to stores and products around you. You need to have a slight investment mind-set whenever you go out because it can add to profits. I used this approach when I go out. One time when I was at the mall I noticed one of the very busy stores was Aeropostale. I kept my eye on the store and it was busy every time I was there. I ended up buying the stock after I looked further into it and sold for a nice return in a relatively short amount of time (but I should have held a little longer).
This is just another (possible fun) way to find a new stock. Another example are those Ugg boots girls were raving about. If you noticed this in early 2003 you would have made a killing in Deckers Outdoor (DECK) as they rose incredibly fast.

Other news: DHL did lose my tickets but Clear Channel will replace them for me. I also (finally) finished my taxes and I think I might get a refund of a few hundred dollars. This means I was stupid in waiting so long to do them!


Neville said...

Read Peter Lynch's book Beating the Street. It's a surprisingly simple and enjoyable read.


Alpha said...

hey Nev,

I've read Beating the Street (and One Up on Wall Street) and I think they are both fantastic books.
It's definitely a simple read, but it has many great ideas and words of wisdom from a legend.