Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Job Hunting

Before I get into the job stuff, I finally had a green day in the market (almost forgot what it feels like). I ended up plus about $135, and it was a decent day overall. Overall earnings seem to be coming in fairly well, and hopefully this will boost the market a bit.

Also the eBay sale I mentioned a few days ago ended. First, I had the cost wrong (I was thinking of a previous sale), so the actual cost was $64. But to make up for that, the auction ended at $200 for a profit of $136, which represents a 212.50% gain.

Over the weekend I applied to various jobs I found. I plan to follow-up through email on most of these jobs within 1.5 weeks or 2 weeks. The major thing that might hold me back is that most of the jobs I'm applying for are out of the state. This might stop some companies from contacting me, but if I'm persistent I might be able to get an interview.
The jobs are out of state mainly because it's hard to find these types of jobs in the San Francisco area. I'm mainling looking for equity analysis assistant and trader assistant jobs.
Here's the list of jobs I applied for:

Research Assistant in San Fran: this is a combo of office duties and research, and I know most of the entry level jobs will be like this one.

Research Assistant in Chicago: this one sounds excellent, I really want an interview for this one.

Research Assistant in NYC: this one only wanted local but I'm going to try to convince them to at least hear me out, it pays fairly well too.

Trader Assistant: helping option traders, I can learn a ton of info at this job!

Junior Trader Assistant: NYC investment bank, I might not be qualified (I think they want MBA students).

another Research Assistant in NYC, with a fairly big firm

Options assistant in NYC: helping with crude oil options

Trading Assistant at a NYC hedge fund: chances are minimal, but as long as it's greater than zero I'll apply

Trader trainee: options and derivatives, this one seems nice as well

Trader assistant: this is one of the top ones I want as well, they are in Chicago and I would support the equity traders.

Next steps: continue searching for jobs, then search for firms and see if they are hiring (this is how I got my current job), follow up, and well keep a positive attitude