Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Oil futures prices dropping on warm weather

Well, of course the oil futures are getting kicked in the nuts - blame global warming. Look, whether you believe in it or not really isn't important. Its happening. Maybe you'll believe in it after your beach house washes away into the ocean. Ha ha! I won't have any remorse for your loss. (That's my Capricorn ascendant speaking, but that's how we feel.)

Anyway, checking out this piece over at Bloomberg and I got to thinking about this. The other week I watched "An Inconvenient Truth". Powerful stuff, indeed.

My questions for all the people who don't believe in global warming are [1] why don't you believe it and [2] if it just happens to be even a little bit true, on what other planet do you and your progeny expect to live? Friggin' morons.

Honestly, I figure most Republicans could give a shit about the condition of the planet since they won't have to live here after they die, right? Fuck it, its their children's and grandchildren's problem. (The whole baby boomer generation so entirely fucked up this country, IMO. But I swear there is a special circle of hell for Republicans, the vanguard of Satan's army.) But hey, I still live here and I don't have a weekend getaway spot on Mars. If you fall into the same category (which I imagine is most everyone on this planet), then you have a responsibility to be a steward of the planet.

My personal experience this winter has shown that some unnatural shit is happening. I live in an OLD apartment complex. Its convenient to work, its inexpensive, but damn is it old. So old that it has a real problem with spider infestation. I've killed an average of 1 spider per week, and sometimes 2 - 3 per day. Now, by this point in the seasonal cycle, I figure that most of these little bastards should have died off in the cold. Unfortunately, I don't think the temperature has been cold enough to kill off the eggs, the baby spiders, and most importantly their *food*, to restrain their breeding. So even 1 week before Christmas, in the northern Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, I'm killing spiders. And not small spiders, but spiders 1 - 1.5 inches tip-to-tip. That's a bloody big ass spider for the middle of winter. Nevermind walking through swarms of gnats in the middle of December. WTF?

Anyway, whether you believe Al Gore's position in "An Inconvenient Truth", or not, is irrelevant. If you haven't noticed that things are changing, and not for the better, then you're either blind and stupid, or irresponsible at best and evil at worst. There clearly is not a lot of time to affect change on this matter.

I didn't mean to turn this into a screed, political or otherwise. I'm just commenting on my experience, which is my reality. And I know I'm not the only one. While investing in futures is all good, think about something...the reason wheat futures have had the kind of action they have had this year is because of a drought. As in, the lack of water. Heat causes water to evaporate (if you didn't know). So if the temperature of the planet rises, then water evaporates, and there is less water available for purposes that are near and dear to all of our hearts (for those in possession of one). Uses such as DRINKING water. Expect the water wars to come soon. Military conflicts for oil were nothing. And the funny part is, the US is so beholden to oil (which we are able to get reliably in declining quantities) that with the inevitable price increases in petroleum goods, we won't even be able to afford to fight for the most important resource on the planet - WATER! What a dumbass trade to make.

No global warming, my ass.

Okie, I go now.


Anonymous said...

There's a book currently out that the warming we're seeing usually occurs once every 1200 years or so and lasts for about 100-150 years then the temperature reverts back to normal. Going by this we're currently in the middle of this once every 1200 years warm-up. The last time it happened was back in the 700-800s (and 1200 years prior to that. etc.) - as noted in Europe at the time. Considering there were no cars back then it's kind of hard to blame global warming on the warm-up back then. I would submit to you that the only way we would know for certain whether our imprint is the cause of "global warming" and not just a natural earth cycle is to check in in about 150 years to see for sure. Unfortunately, neither you nor I will be here to test this hypothesis. But that's the only way we would know for certain and for you to state inequivocably that the earth's temperatures is due solely to our imprint and not just a natural earth cycle is a little arrogant on your part. And to call those who don't share your view "morons" is - how I can I say this diplomatically, oh, I know,- moronic.

Joe W

Anonymous said...

I beleave clean water will become a lilited resource. I also beleave this only will be for a shorter period. Mayby 15-45 years.When water evaporates up into the sky, does it not come back as rain or snow as it becomes under pressure in the atmosphere? H20 weighs 18.01528 u and will respond to gravity? Do you know any interesting reading on the subject. Please respond to espmel@hotmail.com. All the way from Norway. Happy new years by the way.