Thursday, December 14, 2006

Movin' On Up

That heating oil is on the move, if ever so slightly. Not that it matters to me anymore right now, but I'll continue watching the energies. Its a long term play, IMO.

Meanwhile, wheat is looking good so far today. Nice movement. Nothing special. We'll continue to monitor.

And for anyone thinking of starting any kind of business, be sure before you do. This stuff is killer. Be prepared for long nights with little to no sleep, lots of reading and document preparation, and other minutiae. Just came back from a meeting with my title company in Baltimore, and I was supposed to meet one of my partners to go take a look at a house but he was too tired from working overnight. I understand. Working the same kind of shift and trying to do anything else during the day will drain you quickly. So I guess I'll have to cancel and re-schedule to inspect that house. But right now, my feeling is that it won't get added to the portfolio. The owner looks like he has one of Kiyosaki's "alligators", and that's between him and his bank account. I don't want to take on anyone else's problems, at least not without an appropriate reduction in the price. This is a business after all.

Anyway, I'm off. Gotta finish configuring this Subversion repository for my coder and put in a little bit of work on my software business plan. And I still have some configuration work to complete on this HPC cluster and to see my doctor.

Oh, and if it seems like I'm rambling...welcome to my mind. :)

I'll follow up on things later today. Until next time...

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