Sunday, December 31, 2006

Blog Recommendation - All About Alpha

Considering that this blog is about a regular guy in search of alpha, how better to end the year than with a recommendation for a blog that is All About Alpha. I'm sure many of my readers are familiar with this one. For those who aren't, go check it out now! A very research oriented blog, almost academic even, except for the real world experience of the host, the aptly named Alpha Male. As he describes the site, its not just a blog but also a portal for dedicated to "alpha-centric investing strategies". Man, does it ever fulfill that role! I'll be increasing my reading over here over the course of the coming months, no doubt!

I've got a few more queued up, because I realized I hadn't actually written any recos in recent memory. As I find them and find value in them, I'll bring them to you.

Until next time, gentle readers...

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