Saturday, December 16, 2006

Final Net Worth Update for 2006

I spent a little time recently rebalancing my 401(k). Not that there was a lot to do, but a little, just to make sure things were within the parameters I have set. I use the aggressive portfolio allocation recommended at If you are an employee of a sizable US company, you should check the site out. They probably have a model portfolio for you!

Anyway, the net worth stands like this...$85,083.19 as of the end of 2006.

For comparison purposes, my net worth was $66,727.49 at the end of 2005. The YoY increase is $18,355.51, for a 27.508% increase. Not quite where I wanted to go, but a win is a win. I had hoped to get to 100K net worth by the end of this year but a lot of recreational travel and a job flip-flop in February worked against me. The travel thing I can fix (although I like to travel and I plan to keep doing it). The job thing was unavoidable. As I said in an earlier post, avoid working for Unisys if you can. I gave up all my seniority, including my 3 weeks of vacation (which is the same amount of time I had the job), to take that spot, and 6 weeks worth of 401(k) contributions as well. Ouch!

Rat bastids!

Anyway, we shall move on. I've got better things going than a low 6 figure contracting opp anyway.

Until next time...Happy New Year to all my readers. Hope its a prosperous and joyful one from beginning to end, for everyone!

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SAM said...

Interesting about your net worth. I did a similar analysis for mine. Not bad growth for one year. I do think you should be able to do more.

There's a simple formula to see if you are on track. Check it out on my site.