Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Last Check

Woo hoo!

I made my final payment of $4750 into my RE investment group today. (Actually yesterday, since it is almost 2 AM EST on Wednesday, 20 December.) That brings my total investment to the $11,200 required for all the members. Just under the wire, baby!

Now I will focus on rebuilding my emergency savings. Although not depressed too terribly, and I have a good 3 months worth of expenses saved, I'm working to double that by June. I put just over 1/3 of every paycheck into an HSBC Direct Online Savings account, so it shouldn't take too long to rebuild the funds. I just need to be ready for Trinidad Carnival!

From here on, I'll spend a lot more time crafting the business plan for my new venture and watching my wheat investment. Go global warming, destroying crops worldwide!

Until next...thought?

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