Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hands Off Hedge Funds

By way of Going Private, I came across this very nice piece of writing at Foreign Affairs by Sebastian Mallaby. All very good points. At least, they make sense to me.

Just working on catching up on some reading. Monday sucked ass. Why won't people just let me sleep? Damn!

Anyway, it looks like wheat got hit hard again today. Not that I noticed until tonight, but we'll see how things progress. Its a marathon, not a sprint, at least right now.

So I was just doing some scratching around my favorite equity basket case, SUNW, and found this linked from the WSJ site (of course, referring to another Dow Jones site, but still). Mind you, I have no position in SUNW; I just have been keeping tabs on them for a little while. I may or may not take a position in the future. That is TBD. However, I do think SUNW is poised to make some really positive upward moves in the near future. That is just my feeling and observation. It is going slowly, but the trend is positive.

Anyway, until the next time...which should be after my Christmas shopping is done.

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