Friday, December 22, 2006

Getting Back Up to Speed

As you can probably imagine, my posting will be spotty over the next few days. I meant to kick this one out earlier, but I spent the vast majority of the day sleeping.

Anyway, Michael Nystrom has posted his "predictions" for 2007, which was an interesting read. Mauldin also sent out his latest newsletters, but I can't link to his site from this crappy BellSouth DSL line.

(Man, why can't these cock knockers get their game together? Can't someone steal the "high speed" connectivity game from these fools, PLEASE!?!?!?!? This is soooo painful. Is it even possible to make a living in any online business living in the southest U.S.? Fugggg, man! But I digress.)

After waking from my deep slumber this afternoon, I started catching up on all of my blog reading. Some interesting stuff to be found, but mostly...well, let's just say that you can tell this is the slow part of the year. Personally, I'll be glad once the holidays come to a close. I need some action, something happening. But I do welcome the downtime to get back up to speed on all facets of my life.

Right now, I'm taking a break from hacking away on my business plan. Ugggghhhh! I really can't stand writing these things, no matter how necessary they are. But I plan to do this startup RIGHT, and that means I have to suck up the pain. The sooner I get this fashioned, the better. I have some database schemas to start designing. Software architecture has been on my mind recently too.

So I think I was surfing around Going Private the other day when I found, via some other site (Abnormal Returns, IIRC, but maybe not), this blog named Accrued Interest. Very cool! A bond market blog written by a professional bond market trader. Me like bond blog! I haven't yet crawled through the archives, but I plan to get to that sometime before I leave Atlanta on Wednesday morning.

So it looks like wheat performed very nicely this past week, ending up strongly. We'll see if that continues after Christmas. The chart for the May contract looks very good though. This is one area, along with equity options, that I intend to increase my investment in during the course of 2007.

So now its time to continue my business plan writing. I have to keep this venture moving forward, as I fully expect to bring in some outside capital in the next year. Maybe not full fledged VC, but either friends and family or a small angel round of financing would be useful. I think the potential is GINORMOUS so right now, it is back to writing for the K.

Until next time, good people...Merry Christmas. (Just in case I don't post between now and then.) May the Alpha be with you!

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