Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cost of Living

I just saw a news report saying the following: the cost of living for a family with two children living in San Francisco is $80,000. This is to just basically stay even. This is just an insane amount of money and I can't believe the figure is this high. I'm not sure what the average salary is in San Francisco, but I know it's higher than the average. How are people expected to maintain some level of savings while living in the city?

In other news, I was browsing on Yahoo Finance and noticed that they added eight columnists (the most famous probably being Jeremy Siegel, or Ben Stein). I read the intro columns and most of them seemed pretty good. I think it will be worth the time to check out the site every now and then to read the new articles.

CIA tactics for investment managers?
A few people at work attended a workshop hosted by two former CIA agent. The workshop was how to read people and see when they are lying. The retired agents both had many years of experience in this area and are now trying to start a new business. The idea behind it is that big funds bring in key managers from public companies into their offices to talk about the particular company. At our place, it seems like one company comes every week. Now with these tactics, investment analysts might be able to tell when the managers are lying or hiding something.
I'm not sure how successful this will be, but it sounded interesting (I didn't go).