Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Time to Focus

I'm interested in a variety of subjects and when it comes to the finance related ones, I think I need to focus on a few spots. The one thing I do not want to do is to stretch myself too thin. I have many goals and plans for myself, and I have to realize that I cannot do them all at once or else none of them will get done.

I wanted to learn more about currencies, but that will take a back seat. I think it's time for me to re-evaluate the areas to concentrate on. Number one is definitely the CFA material. This involves financial analysis and economics. I want to have a strong foundation in this area because this will help in the immediate future.

Although I'm still learning technical analysis, I want to limit the amount of time I spend studying it after work. I rather use that time studying for the CFA. Right now, my job is not rushing me, so I have enough time to get my main functions done and then that usually leaves a few hours to study. The head trader has taken a good amount of time showing me things he knows, websites he reads, and his mindset when looking at graphs. Right now I'm going to focus on moving averages, volume, and a few major indicators.

The third major area I want to concentrate on is options. I find options really interesting and I'm looking for a few more books to read. I know a good amount of general information, but I'm still a little murky on more of the advanced info. The more I read about it though, the faster I'll understand.

Any other finance topics for right now will have to wait. I need to spend some free time on CFA/financial analysis stuff, options, and then technical analysis at work.

I'm putting up this post more of a reminder to myself, but it might be helpful to others.
I deposited $300 into my NFL account, let's see how this experiment goes!
Well for the first week, my plan is taking a little hit. I just logged on and the odds are there but the money line (where you just pick the winner) is off for every game. I'm hoping that when it gets closer to Sunday, there will be some money lines to choose from. If not, I might not bet or just put a little money on a few games. The site I use (sportsbook.com) is also offering a free $10 bet. If I lose, my money is refunded back to me. I figured I'm not going to bet the full $300 anyways, so I'll take a shot (okay, we want the Patriots to cover by 7.5 over the Raiders).

Site Updates
Alright, I've been slacking in this area. I need to add a few more blogs (and take out one or two that are no longer up). I'm going to try to work on one part of this site at least every other week.

I have two ideas that I want to add to this site.
The first one deals with technical analysis. While I'm at work I'm going to look for stocks that I think will go up or down and give a few sentences about my thinking. I guess I have to put this part just in case: don't buy or short stocks that I mention because when it comes to technical analysis I still no next to nothing
I figured this would be a good way to start, track my results, and hopefully get some helpful comments about how I can get better. I started this at work last Wednesday, so I'm going to put up those results so far. For those who know a lot about technical analysis, please leave some comments.

I've been thinking about the second idea for awhile and I think I might have enough time.
I'm going to pick a really basic company (ie. someone who makes widgets) and then try to evaluate that company on this site. This will most likely be a long, step by step process, and I'll post updates every once in awhile. For instance I might do a business summary sometime during Week 1, then an industry summary, things like that. Then hopefully it will end with a valuation of the company. This is more about finding out how to value a company, rather than finding a company that seems like a worthwhile investment.
More on this later.

Money News: I'm going to join 24 hour fitness. My friends and I are going to try to get a deal by going together and signing up for a full year. We think it might cost around $650 for one year (plus two free years) so three years in total. This will be about 50% cheaper than paying month to month, but I have to pay the money up front (for those into the little details, then it will be lower than 50% because of opportunity costs). We're hoping that they will be able to waive the processing fee.