Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A pretty good site

Things have been hectic lately and prices have been jumping all over the place. In times like these it's always interesting to see how people react so quickly to news updates. It's even more interesting to see it happening in front of you on your computer. For instance, the other day when Hurricane Rita was downgraded (I think, from a 5 to 4), showed a bunch of anxiety and panic among investors. The day started off with things looking bad as everyone thought the Hurricane was going to be bad. The majority of the quotes on my Reuters screen turned red and it looked like it was going to be a bad day. I have about 100 quotes or so ranging in industry, and another screen shows the S&P components so it's a good mix.
Most of the analysts at my firm were reading about the hurricane and I received about three phone calls from other brokers with hurricane related news. Then in the middle of the day, the hurricane didn't look so bad and it was downgraded. Immediately the buying starts and a bunch of quotes on my screen turn from red to green in no time.

Anyways, today at work I started reading this investing site at about.com
In terms of simplicity and clarity, I think this is one of the best investment guides I've seen online. The writer breaks it down into lessons (which all have multiple parts) and covers the financial statements. He then ends it with a real-case example and a quiz. I like about.com in general, and this site is definitely worth a look to catch up on some of the basics.

A net worth update should be coming up in a few days and I've been watching my expenses. I'm due another paycheck, money from eBay, and a reimbursement for travel expenses.
I calculated a year end goal awhile back, but I think I should come up with a concrete month to month goal as well. I've basically been using a 40% savings rate (or so), but I think with two full months of information I might be able to make a better goal. Of course, as more information comes in I will adjust the goals.

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