Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I'm starting to look at NCC. I haven't liked the way it has been acting lately and today was a decent sell off and high volume. Check out the end of this graph to know what I mean. They came out with a mid-quarter report and it showed they are still buying back shares. They plan to continue their buyback and hopefully this could stop this mini-downtrend.
UNTD is still looking pretty good and no weakness is showing yet. I still need to find some more stocks to invest in. Right now stocks are making up about 54% of my total net worth and I think this is way too low for me for a few reasons. I can have a higher rate in the stock market because I'm young, my paychecks coming in represent a size-able percentage of my total net worth (which means my % of stocks as part of my net worth will drop fairly fast), and I have no major bills or expenses.

So far, I've been doing pretty well with my savings plan. I'm maintaining a high savings rate and I'm watching my expenses. It hasn't been too tough and I think I continue in the future. I do have those days where I go "I bet I can afford a new car", but those quickly go away. Maybe in a few years I'll decide to trade-up from my Civic.
The one thing that has helped me is making lunch at home. I think I've done this for almost a full week and the savings add up. I'll sometimes buy my lunch out of pure laziness, but I think I've already saved about $30 or so.

I know many other blogs post savings tips, I usually get tips off Frugal for Life, but my tip is to limit eating out (unless your company is paying for it, then get the expensive stuff).

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