Thursday, September 08, 2005

Net Worth taking a hit

My friend and I signed up for the gym yesterday (24 hour fitness). We wanted to do a long-term deal since we know it would be useful. They had a deal where you sign up for one year and get two years free and I ended up paying $642 up front for the package. I figured I might as well have the money come out since: on a monthly basis it will be about $12 cheaper than the month-to-month plan and I can afford the chunk of money leaving my account since I don't have any huge bills (no rent yet, I'll get to that). This just means that my net worth will probably only grow by a small amount this month. I'm still tracking my expenses and I'm going to try to limit any other big expenses for the rest of the month. Although I need to buy a few more work shirts.
Oh, and I've only bought my lunch at work one time this week (saving about $17 or so). Sometime in the near future I'm going to clean my room and gather any cds, dvds, and books I don't really need and hopefully sell them to bring in a little extra cash.

The apartment: I've thought about moving in with strangers by finding a room off Craigslist, but I am leaning towards moving in with friends. I have one friend in mind, but we need to wait until he finds a full-time job. I'll post any updates when they happen.

I also finished typing my CFA notes. I somehow managed to write 177 pages of notes! I better pass this damn test....
I have about three more months to study and do the problems- no time to slack off.