Monday, September 12, 2005

A few articles, and some stocks

I was on BusinessWeek during lunch and the two articles I liked are 'How worldly is your portfolio?' and an article regarding Conagra's dividend (it popped up on a screen a little while ago).

I've been spending more than I originally planned, but they are worth the money. The first big purchase was my gym membership, but I think I got a good deal and this will definitely be worth the money. Today I spent another $150 (September is going to be a big month for expenses!) for a CFA online question program. It has thousands of potential CFA Level 1 questions and I heard that this will be extremely useful.
Looking through my notes I really realized that this test is going to be hard! I'm wondering if I have enough time. None of the material is really hard, it's the fact that there are so many details to know that causes the problems. I'm starting to review my notes, start the problems, and then use the online question bank. I tried the online one today and I can do fairly well with the knowledge I have now, but I'm not comfortable with any of the topics. I need to know all the details.

I haven't had time to research any stocks lately or look for stocks based on technicals at work since I've been busy lately. I'm going to have to re-evaluate my schedule and try to move things around. Right now I don't have too much time to study for the CFA (on weekdays), barely any time for this blog, and now I'm starting to go to the gym. I'm going to use my time on BART to study my notes. I'm not sure how I'm going to do next year. Next year is probably going to be busier as I: try to attempt some option strategies, continue studying for the CFA (either Level 1 if I don't pass, or Level 2), take one math class, and possibly work on some business ideas with a friend.

JSDA went up 9.77% today on fairly strong volume. I'm still going to wait for the next quarter to see how they are doing.

NTE went up 5.32% today and UNTD followed up with a 5.06% gain.