Monday, October 03, 2005

End of Month Net Worth

September was full of fairly big one time expenses: two birthday gifts, the gym membership, the CFA program, and doctor bills. Awhile ago I mentioned I had to get my leg checked out (everything is fine), but the bills kept on coming! I had limited health insurance because this was during the time I was unemployed. Bills: $30 to see the doctor for 10 minutes, $37 to get blood taken out of me (5 minutes), $437 to practically enter the hospital, and $37 to get a 5 minute examination.

Anyways, back to my net worth. I managed to increase it by a little over 1%...
Before I calculated everything I thought I was actually going to go down a bit, so I'll take the 1% gain. As of the end of September the figure is $27,818

I'm a decent amount away from my end of year goal, but I think I can still make it.

Stockdiva left a comment about a stock picking contest going on with Mad Money (Cramer's show). The link is here for anyone interested. I'm going to look into and hopefully sign up.
You know what's odd? I work at a hedge fund that deals with stocks all day long, and I really haven't been able to catch up on any particular stocks or sectors. That needs to change.