Monday, September 26, 2005

Money Masters

I'm about half way done with Money Masters of Our Time by John Train. I definitely recommend this book because you get a little background info on various big name investors, plus a general outline of their investment approach. You see how the value investors choose their stocks, growth investors, and those who invest all over the world. I just finished the section on Soros and was amazed that at times he was leveraged 5 to 1! He took a lot of big bets and his record proves that it mostly paid off. The book is also well written and you can find a used copy on Amazon for fairly cheap. There is also the possibility that I'll offer it on this site sometime in the near future.

My account is in limbo so even if I wanted to sell FRX, I don't think I can. It seems that my Scottrade account is closed (since I can't log in and get any of my old financial records), and that my Think or Swim account is not yet funded. From my brokerage experience, I know transfers can take 7-10 days, so I think by the end of this week or early next week I will be able to use my new account.
In the meantime, NTE has been making some nice moves as it finished the day up 3%.

Random Notes
No Credit Needed is hosting the Carnival of Debt Reduction, and I suggest you check it out.

Free Money Finance has a Carnival of Personal Finance, and that's worth checking out as well.

After one bad and two mediocre weeks of NFL bets, I'm shutting it down for the season. I ended down for the season, but I'll try it again next season with a twist: only bet on weeks 4 through 15. The beginning weeks are tough to figure out, and the chance of upsets are greater in the last few weeks if a weaker team is playing a team who is already guaranteed a playoff spot.

I should close another eBay sale within the next few days and I should book about a 70% profit (only $45 in dollar profit, but a nice percentage profit).

CFA studying is going well (I think) and I know what areas I need to work on: leases, taxes, and basically all the accounting details.