Thursday, September 15, 2005

87% Towards my Year end Goal

Alright, I just wrote three big paragraphs and then my browser shut down for some reason. I really don't feel like re-typing everything, so this one will be shorter. Due to some big expenses, my net worth so far has only increased by about $230. I actually thought it was going to go down a bit (this is just an update, not an end of the month update) due to the expenses. Every little bit counts and I think I should get a check for about $140 fairly soon to compensate me for my commuter expenses.

My goal is within reach, but it might take a little more effort than I previously thought. I don't see any major expenses in the next few months except for a few birthdays and Christmas shopping.
I gathered up some books that I will try to sell (I'll list them here first for any takers) and I might sell some dvds and cds.

I think as long as I keep my expenses in line, the goal should be in reach. The one thing that would help is the fact that I still haven't found an apartment (okay, I haven't looked in awhile).
The lack of a rent check should help me reach my goal.

My offer to send my CFA notes to anyone who wants them is still up. If you're interested, email me about the notes (my email address is in my profile). I've received about six emails already, and I'll send the notes off tonight.
For those interested, just be aware that it is a big Word file (about 850kb).

One more thing: I just saw a list of the best business schools
Here are the top 10
1. Dartmouth
2. Wharton (Penn)
3. Chicago
4. Columbia
5. Yale
6. Stanford
7. Harvard
8. Virginia
9. Cornell
10. Northwestern

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Anonymous said...

I know you have had some investment gains in the past years, do you pay quarterly taxes on it?