Monday, May 02, 2005

Market Thoughts

I was watching CNBC on Friday and they had an analyst on saying IBM is a value buy right now and a possible short-term buy to the $80 range. This does seem interesting, but then I would have to commit over 30% of my net worth for 100 shares- a little too risky for me!

Jones Soda: stockdiva made a comment about this one and I thought to respond in a post. I haven't bought any shares mainly because I haven't done any research yet. I read a quick article on their last earnings and noticed a few things (I think a drop in operating earnings and there was one other thing that stuck out). I think if I had more available money I would be more interested in taking a position (after reading more). It's had a nice run-up and I'll continue to watch it. (JSDA.OB)

LB had another good day (+4.7%) and it's nearing the $15 level. Everything else seems to be okay and my active positions are up a little over 3% for the year (NCC is starting to trend upwards).
I think this might be an important week for the markets. We've had a somewhat breather from the declines, and this week will show if the market has some strength or not. Basically, it seems like people are waiting for some sort of direction.

I was emailed about a site the other day so I checked it out and I think it's a useful site.
The site, Saving Advice, is all about saving and money tips. The site has a nice forum section where people can post/respond about a variety of topics.

Hopefully sometime this week I will write a little more about job hunting and books (CFA books are on the way).

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stockdiva said...

Thanks for responding to my question regarding JSDA. Yes, I think that you should do your own research and don’t just base your sole opinion about a company based off of one quarter. But I’m sure you already know that ;-). If you can find notes from the previous quarter you will find that all of the expenses that JSDA had regarding hiring more employees, higher operating expenses, etc., etc. was discussed before this last conference call. It didn’t come to any surprise that the numbers weren’t the most stellar. The only people who are panicking and selling are people who just purchased their stock off of some hot tip and didn’t do their research before hand. That’s why I inquired about where you first learned about JSDA when I first posted on your website. I am glad the price dropped a bit; which, if you’ll note, ,I predicted that it would on your website. The sell off gets rid of all of the Jim Cramer and Motley Fool folks who are expecting to get a 200% return on their investment in 2 months. These are the people who buy stocks and then do their research "AFTER" they’ve purchased the stock. LOL

Per your suggestion, I researched FITB (Fifth Third). I like the company and it has tons of potential but it’s a bit expensive for my blood. I’m still waiting for NYB to hit $17.00. LOL Happy investing!!!!