Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Price Targets

This is my last of four articles I've posted for the time I'm on vacation. The other three should be below this one. I will be posting on a regular basis when I come back home (June 7th). Feel free to leave comments or email me and I will get back to you on the 7th.

The market has been moving up recently so I decided to review some of my stocks and price targets. These targets are not set in stone.

UNTD (I added this one last week at $12.25): I'm up about 5.5% so far (I'm not sure if I made a post about my purchase, I'll get around to my reasons later). It's trading for about 1.6x sales while it's five year average is about 3.2x sales. My price target will be on the low end of this range (2.5x sales) so around $19.50.

LB: this one is growing revenues and earnings at a fairly fast pace, I'm going to re-evaluate this position if it his $18

EBF: I think this one has finally stabilized; slow growth; nice yield. I'm looking for $19-20, but will re-evaluate if it his $18. If it does, then I'm going to see how dependable the cash flow (free cash flow) is and then take it from there. I might hold on for longer.

NTE: I'm fairly sure I've already posted the target and it's still $30

SFL: my position is small (it was from a spin-off dividend), but I might add more shares in the future

FRX: it's selling for 4.4x sales when from 1996 to 2004 the lowest it ever traded was 4.9x sales. I've already made about 10%, but I think it still has room to move up. Even if it gets back to the low side of its P/S historical record, it has potential to hit $50.

NCC: I'm up about 3.3%; growth might slow a bit but I think it can move higher. It's trading for 1.75x book when the historic low end has been around 2.2x book (high end went into the 3's).
I don't think it's the best bank, but I think it can add returns to my portfolio (and having a 4%+ yield doesn't hurt). I'll re-evaluate my position if it his $43

Again, none of the targets are set in stone.

I'll be back June 7th, take care!