Friday, May 27, 2005

The Interview

The phone interview went very well today. We got along rather well and it was a friendly conversation. I talked about my past positions at the brokerage and portfolio management firm and a little about myself. She decided to set up an interview with the head trader for June 7th (if it fits his schedule). So I come back from vacation and immediately go on an interview!
The position seems okay. It does have many responsibilities, but it is not a typical trading job. Most of the portfolio management area is outsourced to a big mutual fund family. Then those portfolio managers send back the trade requests and the traders put them through. The traders will also make sure the individual portfolios are aligned with certain specific models. I think I'll know a lot more about the position after the second interview. I know that the hours should be around stock market hours; and I'm hoping it will be 6am to 2pm. Those hours would be great, since I'll have the rest of the day off. The pay is a little below what I'm seeing for finance/research/trading positions, but I'm not really concentrating on that (for the curious, it's 38-40k). If I do get the job and I do find positions that I think I have a shot of getting, then maybe pay will become a factor. The job is located in Oakland and I'm fine with that.

That's about it for right now; things are still very hectic. I'm leaving for Tokyo on Monday and I will definitely put up a few more posts to make up for my absent week.
Also another recruiting firm contacted me to meet, but they are in Los Angeles. I'll see how that goes.

Market news: Honestly, I haven't been paying too much attention to the general market besides keeping track on my stocks. Everything in my portfolio finished up today and YTD the portfolio is up 4.7% while the S&P is down YTD about 1.08%
Hopefully I hit double digits by the end of the year.

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