Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Phone Interview on Thursday

From the best stocks under $10 (the article in my last post) one had a great day today: DXPE finished up 14.64%

The market had a mixed day today (Dow down, Naz and S&P up), but nothing earth shattering. Well Buffett made a big move. He's planning to pay $5.1 billion in cash to acquire PacifiCorp.

My portfolio overall finished up 0.61% (the S&P was up 0.02%) on gains from LB. Overall I'm up about 5% for the year, but I'm still waiting for NTE to rebound. I'm down about 8% on this stock, but I think it can go back to the 28-30 level.
I've been compiling a list of possible momentum plays and I have to decide if I want to go through with some of these. If I do decide to buy some, then I also have to decide if I should transfer money over from my ING account or go on margin (a bit risky, but sometimes I need to take risks). Well, I can also do both- that would be another option.
It will have to wait till I get back from my vacation.

Job Stuff
To reiterate: I'm looking for either a trading assistant position (stock and/or options) or a research assistant/associate position. My plan is to look for all possible opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area and if I don't get anything by the end of summer, then I'll make a tough decision. My next choice will be to move to another city (the way it's looking, most likely NYC) in order to search for a job. Most of the jobs I want are heavily concentrated in the NYC area and many listings say they will only interview local candidates.

As my title shows, I have a phone interview for this Thursday. Honestly I thought I seriously screwed up my chances two minutes after I emailed my resume/cover letter. I have about four different cover letters for various types of positions, but I have two I use frequently. One I use for non-local jobs, while the other one I use for local jobs. So this place is local, and yes I did the incredibly stupid thing of sending the non-local one! That one mentioned NYC multiple times and well it made no sense since this company is near San Francisco. I immediately sent a follow-up email saying I was sorry for the confusion. I guess it didn't hurt me too much since I'll have the phone interview. I rather have a face-to-face, but I'll take what I can get!
The Position: Associate Trader position

I'll write about the interview on Thursday. Also, I will be on vacation from Monday to the following Tuesday. I'm going to try to write a few more posts for the week I'm gone and post them up on Sunday. I will be unable to answer any comments/emails, but I will as soon as I get back.

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