Sunday, May 29, 2005

I'm always on the look-out for good online and text resources/magazines. Free would also be a good thing (although I did decide to renew my Business Week subscription).
Before I start raving about, I wanted to say that your local library has many useful resources. Nowadays you are most likely able to use the resources from your home. We have a huge library near my school and I sign on the website by using my card.
One of the periodicals I read from time to time is the Wall Street Transcript. One of the portfolio managers at my old job would talk about it and we finally subscribed. It's basically tons of interviews with managers and analysts about various sectors. For instance in one issue they might focus on banks and telecom companies. Reading it through the library means I don't have to subscribe. This saves money over the years especially considering that a subscription runs, I think, $2,500/year! is a site with a collection of articles covering a multitude of subjects. I use this site on a very frequent basis and not just for stocks and investing (I do have interests in other subjects; poker, astronomy, philosophy, etc). Here's one page that has a few good stock articles. The one thing I like about the site is that it lists related links (on and outside sources) covering the subject.

I can spend a lot of time searching through these pages because what ends up happening is that I read on article that has links to a few more articles. I read those articles and they lead to even more articles.
The site does have some good info and it's worth the time to check it out.

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