Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A few good articles

I came across a few good articles (mainly from Business Week) that might be worth the read.
The first one is about picking stocks when the markets are rough and it has some sound advice. It was written by one of The Street columnists and they usually have some good info. Speaking of I just saw Jim Cramer's show "Mad Money" for the first time last night. Who else has seen this? I thought certain parts were good, but he spent the entire show jumping around! I was laughing a little too much and some parts were just cheesy (Sell! Sell! Sell!). I might just keep watching it for the comedic value (but I'll admit he had some good info); although the camera moving around every few seconds was annoying.

The next article details about possible takeover candidates. I always find these types of articles interesting.
Marie Driscoll of the S&P talks about some apparel stocks. Also this article shows the top ten stocks from the S&P.

The market had a strong day as the Dow (+132.57) and the S&P(+11.76) trended upwards throughout the day. My portfolio had a strong day as well, beating the markets (Dow up 1.28%, S&P up 1.00%) by a slight margin (portfolio up 1.75%). Most of the gains were due to EBF (up 4.49%) and LB(up 6.47%).
I haven't bought anything in awhile and I do want to invest some more of my cash. ARO reports tomorrow and judging from today's action (and after hours) expectations are on the low side. Although this means if they keep their guidance (or up it), the stock should have a nice day. I'll most likely wait on the sidelines with this one.
FITB and BSX are starting to trend upwards. I haven't had time to run any screens lately; hopefully tomorrow.

One last note
My eBay sale finally completed with a +11% return. Although it's my lowest return, I'll take it considering I thought it would be a break-even return.


FMF said...

I saw the piece on takeover targets too and found it interesting as well. I hope they do a review of it in a year or so and see which ones they got right and which ones they didn't.

Alpha said...

It will be interesting if they review this article next year. I looked up a takeover article for a previous year (2003)
I tried looking up the tickers to see if the companies are still public or taken over. Of the roughly 25 companies listed about 4 of them were no longer public (unless they changed their ticker- this was just a brief check)