Monday, May 23, 2005

Looking Back

By Wednesday night I will be completely done with my college career. I have two more finals to go (one easy, one hard) and then five years of college will be completed. Looking back, I've had a pretty good time, had a few great teachers, and met some good people along the way. In high school I definitely lost some of my competitive spirit. I'm happy to say that while in college I've gained this spirit back. I think this will definitely be important for the next stage of my life.

Market News
Jones Soda had a great day (up 7.74%) and hopefully it has a pullback in the near future. While noticing this price movement, I also noticed that I need to transfer over more funds if I want to take a decent sized position. I figure somewhere around 200-300 shares. JSDA sometimes reminds me of this bank I looked into a few months ago. It was a bank located in Las Vegas (VLLY) and I was semi-interested in buying it. Then it went up, so I was hoping for a pullback the next day- but it still went up. It seemed like for two straight weeks the price kept moving up and I kept saying to myself "tomorrow it will pullback a bit". I never bought any and took other positions when the stock eventually settled down a bit.

Aeropostale finished the day up 3.39%, but I'm still unsure if I want to take a position. This would probably be more of a momentum position rather than something long term.

Google had a nice day! Cramer said (yeah I watched the show again) it will hit $350!

My portfolio: I finished up a bit (about $60) and my brokerage is using a new trading platform so I need to get used to it. All my positions were so-so; nothing really special.

I did come across an article about the best ten stocks under $10. Here are the tickers that were highlighted: DXPE, RADS, GEOI, CTGI, STV, PRZ (which was also highlighted in a quarterly magazine I receive- Equities), VLFG, ERS, ENG, and ORCC.
The link gives a bio on each company as well.

Job stuff: I received some good advice from the school's career center leader and I've begun to use a target resume rather than a general one. I'm also not looking too hard or applying for too many jobs this week. I'll be on vacation next week and will begin my full-time search when I get back.


jim said...

Remember the old adage, a stock worth owning at $10 is worth owning at $11.

stockdiva said...

My guess is that the large spike in Jones Soda was due to an article posted in the Investor Business Daily over the weekend. Here’s the link:

The lemming theory at its finest. I would guess, but I’m not promising anything, that the price will pull back in a week or so unless there is some other announcement that pops up within the next couple of weeks. By how much? Who’s to say. I’m not Ms. Cleo. LOL

Good luck!!!

FMF said...

Congrats to you!!! Graduating is a great accomplishment.

Let us know how the job hunt goes, what type of position you're looking for, etc. Who knows, maybe someone reading can help you.

Alpha said...

jim: good point, it's definitely something I need to keep in mind.

stockdiva: thanks for the link! the lemming theory definitely comes into play when anything has to do with IBD!

fmf: thanks for the congrats! college seemed to go on forever, and I'll definitely keep posting about my job hunt.