Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Finals are over!

I finished my last final and and walked out of the business building for probably the last time. It felt a bit odd walking down the steps; a bit unreal maybe.

I sold back one book and actually received a good amount ($43). The school's bookstore must make a ton of money/profit even though they say they try to keep their prices low. A student might buy a book for a class for $90 and then when the semester is over with the student will be able to sell it back for $43 (in my case). Since the book will be used next semester the bookstore will then resell the same book for another $90. They also don't buy back books that will not be used next semester, as in the case for my business IT/Access class. A few semesters ago I started buying my books online because it is cheaper than buying it from the bookstore. Even with shipping costs I usually saved a good amount of money.
I'm probably not going to save the $43, but spend it on a few things: movies and there's talk of a big final dinner between friends.

I'm going to keep this post short because I need to study up a bit for the phone interview. I need to check out the company's website, and a few other things. But I wanted to share three sites that may offer some deals and possible free stuff.

1. Craigslist: There is a section for most major cities and I use this site constantly. I like to read the posts and also post about various things. For instance I asked about any advice for the Level 1 test and had a few good responses. Anyways, they do have a part where people post about selling items and even free items. Some people are moving out and they need to get rid of their couch, that sort of thing. I browse that section from time to time, and it might be worth the effort.

2. Blingo: This is a search engine that is based off the Google engine, so you get the same results. The difference is that every time you search for something there's a possibility of winning a prize. The prizes range from Ipod's, Amazon certificates, Blockbuster for one year, to movie tickets. This site actually works since I won a movie ticket awhile ago (it came in the mail today). My friend also won a ticket (these are the most common prizes). Also, you can sign up with a friend and if you or the friend wins then both wins. So if your friend was searching and won an Ipod, then you would also win one. Free stuff is always a good thing.

3. Ben's Bargains: This site posts deals daily and they usually have to do with tech things (monitors, hard drives, memory, etc), but it does have some great deals. It looks for deals across various websites and even posts codes you can use to get discounts. For instance, I think today they have codes to get 25% off a Dell mp3 player. I check this site from time to time.

Time to prepare!

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