Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Words to remember

I finished the latest issue of Kiplinger's and there was a decent article about investing and mistakes made by Andrew Feinberg. The overall article is okay, but I thought the last few lines were worth mentioning.
"Mistakes are opportunities in disguise. By examining them carefully and drawing rational conclusions, you can significantly enhance your returns."
A well written important piece of advice.

Forest Labs (FRX) had a great day by rising almost 5% on news of an upgrade from Citigroup. Recently, a few firms have come out and said that they expect FRX to have a great earnings report. When firms come out with their guidance FRX gets a nice bump up, but now I'm wondering what's going to happen when earnings come out. If it's great, it might not be great enough with these expectations being built into the price.

Job stuff

So I heard back from the junior trader position after a month of waiting (and thinking I didn't get the job). They went through all the candidates and want me for the position. I was first happy when I heard the news, and then wondered on how to juggle the other two jobs. I think I should hear back from the other two jobs by the end of this week or the beginning of next. The junior trader position still needs to check my references and do a background check, so I have a little time there. I definitely want to see how the other two positions turn out.
Tomorrow I have a second interview for one of the other jobs, and I'll write about this one tomorrow.
Hopefully I'll have a job somewhere by the middle of next week.

Just a few other updates.
I'm going to try to change a few things about this blog. First, I might use a different layout because I'm getting tired of the current one. I'm also going to try to have specific weeks about certain topics. One week might be about IRA's (as well as my personal finance).
Right now the blog is set up for mainly my personal finance writings and a little towards other writings. Over time, I want to get it to a 50/50 mix between the two.