Thursday, July 28, 2005

Templates for Savings

Well nothing exciting happened in my portfolio except for LB. It took a huge hit, declining 7.44% on no news and heavy volume, definitely something I don't want to see. I'll see how it reacts for the next few days.

I know a few other finance blogs track their expenses with excel spreadsheets and I think this might be a good idea. It will allow me to see where exactly my money is going and if I can limit certain expenses. I was going to take some time to make my own spreadsheet, but I might use Microsoft's Templates site. I browsed for a few minutes and was able to find a few good spreadsheets.
I guess August will be my test money for my all my savings assumptions, excel spreadsheets, and monthly goals. I will also be browsing more personal finance goals in order to see how they deal with expenses, savings, and other related things.