Monday, July 18, 2005

Greater the risk, greater the reward?

First of all, I hope this simpler template works out well. I like the white background, and I think I will keep the layout for awhile. I also added another blog, The Bean Counter, and took out a few that were no longer there. I might add a few more changes in the near future.

The title of this post relates to my job situation. Today I found out some new information about job #1 and job #2. Job #3 called me this morning to see if I had made a decision, but I told them I was sticking to my Tuesday deadline. I'm going to call them tomorrow morning to let them know I will not be taking the position.
Why? Because I'm going to make a risky choice and go for jobs 1 and 2.

I called job 1 today to see the status of the position. The head of HR told me the portfolio manager was out today and that they were trying to set up a few more interviews, but had some scheduling problems. I let them know about my situation and told them that as long as I had a chance, I would turn down #3 to take that chance. So that's what I'm going to do. She told me to call back tomorrow in the afternoon, when she can give me some more details. She also said that they are probably going to have a second interview.

Job #2 left me a message and I quickly called them back. I made it to the third and final round! It's now down to me and this one other girl. I was very excited to hear the news and we set up the final interview for tomorrow morning. The other candidate will be interviewing right after me, and I rather go first.

I have a chance at both jobs and I think that makes it worth the decision to turn down job #3. Although it's a bit risky, I really don't think job 3 is for me. It seems more like a one-task role where I will do the same thing over and over. The other two jobs will provide me roles where I will be able to do many different tasks and a good possibility of moving into higher roles.
One other small benefit is that jobs 1 and 2 are in San Francisco, which will make the commute a lot easier.

More details tomorrow.

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wannabe_ceo said...

It's better to challenge yourself especially when you have the least amount of responsibilities(kids, marriage, etc.)