Friday, July 15, 2005

A semi-productive day

The market had a pretty good day and FRX is hopefully going to stabilize over the $40 level (it closed today at $42.40). Right now I'm struggling towards using my time for job stuff, CFA readings, and searching for stocks. I normally spent a good amount of my free time reading about stocks and the market in general. Lately, I haven't been doing this and I guess it's okay since I don't have too much available cash to invest.

The CFA studying is going okay, and I'm going to spend tomorrow to get some reading out of the way. I'm a little past half way in terms of reading and taking notes on the suggested parts, but I'm definitely not close to being ready. I'm hoping to be done with my notes soon and then I can concentrate on doing the problems, reviewing my notes, and taking practice tests. The material over the last week hasn't been too interesting.

Job update: the junior trader job is about to finalize an offer and I think it will be emailed to me tomorrow. I'm going to try to ask if I can make a decision on Tuesday. I think it might give me enough time to hear from the other two jobs. One said they will contact me tomorrow (and if they don't, I will call them tomorrow afternoon). This firm is not sure if they will hold a second interview since they are only meeting with a few people. The other firm is meeting with five people this week and will make a decision on Monday about a third round (where it will be down to two candidates). If I'm in the running with the other two firms, then I'll decide on Tuesday if I should take the chance and turn down the offer while hoping to receive an offer from the other two.

Layout: I picked a new layout/template, but I'm not going to use it yet till I find a few more things for this blog. I'll try to get some time for this one as well.

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