Saturday, July 09, 2005

Interview Recap

Today I had my interview at the second hedge fund and it went really well. I got there nice and early (way too early, I walked around downtown for a bit). The offices were really elegant and I immediately met with the portfolio manager I would be working for. He was a great guy and very friendly, so that put me at ease. We talked for a bit about the position and then I went into depth about my resume. He asked a good amount of questions and then we talked about the CFA test for a bit. He was also really candid about the interview process. Apparently he looked through many resumes and only saw a few he liked. I was the first to be interviewed and he has another one set up for next tuesday. The HR manager wants him to interview a third person, but he's not sure if he will even do that. Just from the math side, my chances seem pretty good!

He said he didn't want to get my hopes up, but he thought I was a great candidate for the job. Now I'm just hoping the guy coming in on Tuesday isn't better than me. I also talked with another portfolio manager for the same team and that went well. We actually spent most of the time talking about the CFA test. Lastly, I met with the HR manager who was incredibly sweet. We only talked for a few minutes as she recapped the process. I'm hoping I will hear back from them at the end of next week or the beginning of the following week.

I also received an email for the junior trading role in Oakland. I sent a few emails awhile back and I figured that I didn't get the job considering they didn't call back. Well, it turns out I was the first one to be interviewed and they interviewed a lot of candidates. The HR person wants to know if I'm still interested in the job, so that looks promising.

Right now I hope I get the job at the hedge fund today, or the other hedge fund position. Those are my two top choices.

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