Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Game of Gin

Have you ever played a game of gin and you know you are two or three moves from going out and winning the game but need one or two particular cards? Like: I need to pick up that 5 of diamonds there, but only if the other player discards another card I can use so I can go out all at once. If they discard a card I don't need, then I need to pick up and hope for a 3, 8, or Jack of spades...then I can go out. All these moves based on what card is discarded or what card I pick up, is reminding me of the job situation.

So job #3 called me to confirm that I am not accepting this position. She remained upbeat though and wished me the best of luck in the future. It seems they are going back to square one with the interview process and I wished them the best of luck.

The interview with job #2 went okay. It was definitely not my best interview and I think I was a little shaky. Basically I got up real early and went to interview with the president/owner for a short fifteen minutes. He said up front he won't have too much say in the hiring decision and then I went through my resume and answered a few questions. He said he thought I would make a good fit, and hopefully he meant it. Then the original two who interviewed me (the CFO and the head trader) and we talked a little about the process and time issue. They said they would get back to me by tomorrow. I'm not sure how the other candidate did, but I also don't think I aced the entire process.

I called job #1 and the portfolio manager was still out due to sickness. I talked for awhile with the head of HR and it went great. She was sorry about the delay and she did give me good news. Of all the people she has talked with she said she really liked me and that I was the top candidate. She also thought the portfolio manager had the same feelings. I told her this was a golden opportunity and I hope things will work out. She told me to call tomorrow and hopefully the portfolio manager will be there. I'm hoping to set up a quick second interview sometime this week.
Now job #2 is going to call tomorrow for sure. If I didn't get the job, then I'm going for #1 with full confidence. If I did get the job, then I'm going to try to get as much time as possible and see if there's anyway I can work something with #1.
Plus a recruiter from awhile ago called me and said that her firm wanted to interview me for a Fixed Income position. I set it up for Tuesday and explained my current job situation so she knows where I am standing.
This is definitely feeling like a time and balance game.

On top of that, I do have a health issue that I will have to deal with. A few weeks ago I was injured playing basketball. I found out today that there is a 50/50 chance that I have blood clots in my leg. Great. There is also the possibility that this could turn into a bad situation, but I don't think it will.

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