Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Recruiter and the Net Worth update

The meeting with the recruiter went well today. We talked about my resume, some of the jobs I've applied to through their website, and the way to continue searching. She thought I had a great resume and I did bring up the fact that I think the school I went to (San Jose State University) might hinder my chances with some of these positions. She put me at ease by saying that the top tier jobs are probably out of reach, but the other positions will be fine.
One of the positions I applied for is down to their final two candidates, but she said she's calling them tomorrow to see if they are looking for more candidates. She also noted on their internal system that I am willing to relocate to NYC and this might help me a bit with the out of state positions. This firm does have a great Trading Assistant position in NYC that I would love to have, hopefully I'm not too late. Next we talked about the future: basically check their site (and others) on a daily or 3 times per week basis and apply soon. Overall it was a good meeting and she gave me some tips. I'm probably going to email her more questions in the near future.

Net Worth Update
I haven't done one of these lately, so now is the time. My goal was to have $25,000 by the end of May and I did have this month but it was during the first week of June. I'm pleased with the results, but another goal won't be set until I have a job. Right now I'm trying to limit my expenses (like eating in, getting rid of a few subscriptions, etc.).
My net worth increased for a few reasons: getting some eBay money, increases in my portfolio, and getting some money back that was owed to me.
So here it goes:
  • Bank: $1,835
  • IRA : $ 55
  • ING: $ 6,881
  • Brokerage: $17,057
Total: $25,828
Definitely better than I expected. My portfolio is up almost 6%, but if I take out a recent addition the return goes up to almost 9%. I should get some software to figure out some time weighted returns....
My plan is to limit my expenses, make a few more eBay sales, and try not to spend too much. I mentioned that I might be going to Vegas in July- so that will be an expense (unless I get my cards...).
Also, a few more months and get ready for some NFL betting!

Quick Notes
Awhile ago (a few weeks) I mentioned ARO at $27. Why don't I listen to myself? Today it's just near $33.
Also I'm going to add two more stocks to my watch list: MOT (Motorola) and SLE (Sara Lee).
I don't have any opinions on it, but Sara Lee has taken a beating and is now semi-cheap on P/S and sporting a near 4% yield. I'll check on it later though.


jim said...

how'd you find this recruiter? is she like a headhunter where ultimately the hiring firm pays for her services?

my gf is relocating to my area and is having difficulty finding a job, maybe a recruiter could help. thanks

wannabe_ceo said...

good luck in vegas. I went in 03 and new years 04. Are you staying on the strip?

Alpha said...


I found this recruiter online. I was searching for a particular job (research assistant) and one of their positions popped up. With these types of recruiters I think it works that they will get a percentage from the company (not out of your pay) calculated by the base salary. I might be wrong on this, but I think this is how it works (so they try to get you a big base salary). This is basically for companies to outsource the hiring process. The recruiters screen the candidates, set up the interviews, and take care of anything else.

I would suggest your gf look for some recruiters (the more the better) because it might lead to some job leads. Also if you're in a big city, I would also suggest (besides the regular job sites) to look at craigslist. I've found some good jobs off CL. Also www.indeed.com is kind of like the google of job searching; it's a pretty good site.
I wish her luck and patience!

Alpha said...


None of the plans are set in stone (well for me, a few are definitely going). If I do go I definitely want to stay on the strip. The Wynn or the Bellagio would be very cool, but those are very expensive. Being a cheap-ass, I'll probably stick to something a little cheaper. Although, I might splurge a bit.
I was there for new years 04. That was a very crazy night! That was also the time I drove 1500 miles in three days- that was also a crazy experience.