Friday, June 10, 2005

Not too shabby

The market was up a little bit today and my portfolio finished the day with a nice gain. Four out of my seven positions finished up over 1%, while two finished down. I didn't get a chance to read too much news, but I did notice Intel moved up some of their targets. Honestly, I'm still a bit out of it from the trip and haven't got back to a normal schedule. I usually read a good amount of articles and check out the other blogs listed on my main page.

I applied to three more jobs today: one portfolio assistant position and two research associate positions. I was rejected from one research assistant position. It was through an agency and I'm curious as to why, but I don't think I will be able to find anything more.
I decided to concentrate my job search only in the San Francisco- bay area section for right now. It will be a little hard considering that there aren't too many opportunities.
The end of August is my deadline (although it's not a firm deadline). After this day I will take the chance and move to NYC and hope for the best!

CFA: I'm almost done with the Economics book for the exam and I've covered all the topics before. I think I'm making some good progress, but I definitely have a lot more to cover.

Hopefully tomorrow things return to a somewhat normal state!

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