Friday, June 17, 2005

Good things come in three

Yesterday I had another pretty good day in the market; and today some of my gains have disappeared. LB is down a bit, EBF is down only slightly, and everything else is up. Overall, I'm feeling fine by today's actions.

Next week will be the interview week.
I have an interview tentatively set up for the Junior Trader job in Oakland for Monday at 11am.
Someone from HR is going to get back to me sometime today just to confirm the time.
Then on Tuesday at 10am I have an interview for the research assistant job in San Francisco.
This morning I got another call from a job I applied for off Craigslist. So I set up an interview for Thursday at 8am. This is a smaller firm and it was listed as a trading,finance,admin assistant. The job description seems pretty good.

Now, back to some CFA reading.

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