Monday, June 27, 2005

Phone Interview

I had a good phone interview today for a portfolio assistant job. The details mentioned a good amount of admin stuff, but it did involve other duties. I called up and we talked for awhile. The position is actually for a really big hedge fund in San Fran, and I was excited about that. Plus she said the ad mentioned administrative duties, but it wouldn't be too much since none of them travel too much. The position sounded really good and she said I was a good candidate. We're going to try to set up an interview for Friday or early next week, depending on the portfolio manager's schedule.
So to recap: there's two jobs at hedge funds I want, a trading job in NYC, and a fixed income associate position that should be coming up soon. I'm going to try to go for a few trading jobs in SF.

I might be doing this study at Stanford for $100. There's a teacher who is doing a study on trading strategies, so he set up this test and is asking for volunteers. I was interested because he wrote a lot of interesting papers on the stock market and other financial instruments. I was also interested because it would only take 2 hours, and well I have some free time.
We'll see if I will be able to do the study.

The market has been down the tubes lately. I'll try to talk more about this later.
On another note, (stockdiva): I saw that Jones Soda was in the new (I think) issue of Business Week. It was towards the back in Gene Marcial's column. Some good remarks. I don't have the issue with me but I remember some analyst saying it was a strong buy (long term) and they had a few estimates.

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stockdiva said...

Yes, I read that article. It was very promising. It’s funny that you mentioned JSDA because on the opposite end of the spectrum is an analyst by the name of Jeff Kanter who is with Prudential. He was one of the first analysts to cover JSDA. Apparently he posted a not so bright or rosy picture of the company in the short term, but he saw potential in the long term with this company. Log on to and read the post from early this morning submitted by luretire09.

This could have been why the stock saw such a dramatic (66 cents) drop today. I think that a lot of the Jim Cramer speculators and people who are looking for a quick profit are running scared and they sold their shares today. All I know is that “It’s a sale at Macy’s again.” Per my prediction regarding this stock, I knew that it would drop from the crazy 7.50 cents spike that it was once at a couple of weeks ago. As this stock is becoming known by more investors who didn’t buy the stock years ago, it has become more volatile. I think I’m in for a wild and bumpy ride for the next six months for sure. LOL

Also, another funny thing is that anytime the DOW or the NASDAQ drops substantially, JSDA usually goes up in price. LOL