Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Accounting = Boring

I applied for two trading jobs in San Francisco today, but that's about all I did on the job hunt.
I might do a little tonight, if I don't fall asleep soon.

A few days ago I finished writing notes for the Econ section of the CFA. The material towards the end wasn't interesting at all! The next section is financial analysis so it seems cool, but then I saw that the preliminary section is accounting. I hate accounting. During my classes I tried to get interested in the subject, but I just couldn't. Anyways, I'm slowly getting through the section.

Thanks for the comment stockdiva. Once I start receiving a paycheck, I'm going to take a long-term position in Jones Soda. Hopefully those paychecks start coming soon!

The market had a good day, and my portfolio finished with some nice gains. I really didn't have a chance to read too many articles, but another article by Jubak was posted today. He writes about three power plays involving utilities who will update their systems and the companies that will benefit from this.
The article that caught my interest was the one about AMD taking Intel to court. Some strong allegations were made by AMD regarding Intel's competitive tactics. I've always had an interest in the AMD vs. Intel war because my past roommate and friend was a big AMD supporter. He usually keeps me up to date on their new chips and all the studies done showing AMD chips are better.

That's all for right now.