Wednesday, March 01, 2006

February Month end review

Another month has passed and so it's time for another month end review.
The month went fairly well and I had some nice gains in my portfolio. I cut back a little on my spending but I need to update my Quicken (and learn how to use the damn thing) to really track my expenses. March should have a good amount of expenses due to some CFA expenses and I'll be taking a small trip for my birthday.

My net worth increased by 4.3% from January's number. I think this was a decent sized jump.
My February month end net worth is $42,965

In dollar terms my net worth increased by $1,777 and I'm pretty happy by this figure because it represents over 50% of my take-home pay. Once I start tracking my expenses closer, I think I'll be able to cut back on a few things and increase this percentage. My goal was to save 40%, so I'm on track.

March should include some higher expenses, but they might be offset by a few things. I think I have about 200-$300 in my transportation account. I'm going to fill out a form to get that back this month. I might sell a few items for $200. Also, I still have a few things I can sell on eBay (like an iPod shuffle and my digital camera). If I do this in March, I think I might be able to bring in another $200-300 dollars. Every buck helps!


FMF said...

Decent sized jump??? Wow -- if you could do that EVERY month, you'd be rich in no time!

moneysmartz said...

Jason, Congrats on an excellent month. You've been included in the February Bloggers' Net Worth Index at You beat the index!