Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Where's the Walmart talk?

At the beginning of the year, every other article I read about the market in general had some quote from some professional that basically said "this is the year for large cap stocks".
This is the big theme for 2006 and that's why I'm a little surprised I haven't seen too many articles on Walmart. I've read some, but I expected at least a few more.

It's had a few problems, but things seem to be working out. They recently raised their dividend, appear cheap on a historical price/sales ratio, and they might have worked out their problems with some of their European stores (sluggish sales). They have a p/s ratio of 0.60, which is the lowest it has been in about eight years.

Other news:
Jones Soda reports tomorrow and CUP came out with a good preliminary mining report (I think the stock is selling off because many people are exercising their warrants and taking some profit).

I also added an Investing Quotes site and my net worth is now part of the Financial Blogger's Net Worth Index.


stockdiva said...

Great! I can hardly wait to read your thoughts about JSDA. In regards to WMT, I would agree with you. It appears to be a great buy at the moment. The only reason why I haven't purchased this stock is because there are three industries that I refuse to invest in: airlines, retail companies and technology. I will admit that I've been tempted to break my own rule and pick up some Walmart shares, though.

Alpha said...

I definitely agree with you on the airlines industry!