Monday, March 20, 2006

Bargain site

I mentioned this site a long time ago, but I thought it was time to talk about it again because I just bought something off of it. The site is called Ben's Bargains and throughout the day the site updates with various bargains. Most of the products are electronics, but they have all sorts of goods. For instance they might find a bargain off of Dell's site for 15% off select items. This coupon could be added to another coupon bought off of eBay for Dell for greater savings (they are stackable). I've needed a USB flash drive for quite awhile, but I waited until today to finally buy one. I searched Ben's Bargains and I was able to find one for roughly $53 (includes shipping, after rebate) for a 2 gigabyte usb drive. I thought this was an excellent price because the other ones I've seen were over $70.
I just like browsing the site because I find a lot of good deals. Another section they have is the Freebies section. This part is not updated as frequently, but you can sometimes find some good stuff. For instance a week ago they had a link to a Microsoft survey for a free usb flash drive. I'll let you know if I actually receive the drive (it's probably going to be small like 64MB), but it's free!
Other past deals where free keyboards from Lenovo and a good amount of free magazine subscriptions. I've received a few free ones from here and the only thing is that it takes awhile for the first issue to arrive. I think last week they had a link to a free subscription to Smart Money. Considering that my subscription is almost over with, I'll go for the free one.

Stock I'm watching: TOPT (tanker)
It's about to give off a big dividend and I want to see how the price reacts afterwards

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