Friday, March 10, 2006

Jones Soda

Jones reported today and here are the highlights:

4Q revenue increased 37%; full year revenue increased 22%; and their gross margins in the fourth quarter increased 90 basis points. So far, so good!
I only had a few minutes to read over the press release and I didn't get a chance to listen to the conference call. Tomorrow at work I'm going to print out a transcript of the call and I'll probably post my remarks early next week.

Other random notes
* I still need to do my taxes (I don't know why I'm slacking)
* I still need to fill out my reimbursement form (a few hundred bucks!)
* I might be selling FRX soon. I wanted to wait till I get to long-term status (over a month away), but there might be some risks coming up soon with their litigation. Although it seems favorable to FRX, I have read reports where they put it 50/50 of helping FRX.
* I might add to TCHC and SFL
* I have way too much cash and not enough investments and I need to fix this

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